Invisible Illness

Invisible illnesses are super common but not discussed enough or given the attention they deserve. Here are a few invisible illnesses that someone you know might be battling. You may have no idea or perhaps you are aware but forget because you can’t “see” it.




*Severe Tinnitus

*Mental illness (which includes many sub categories)


*Chronic Fatigue






And the list goes on. These illnesses greatly affect millions of people’s lives. No one should have to explain themselves or try to convince others that they’re suffering. Everyone is battling something that no one else knows about. When it comes to invisible illness, the sufferer often has to make excuses for why they didn’t show up or why they left early. Why they don’t work or why they only work part time. Why they cancel plans last minute, etc. The truth is, there are times that the sufferer feels great and is able to show up and be present and in excellent spirits etc, and there are times they simply can’t and if they do, they might not be feeling well or might leave early. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY and absolutely NEVER get upset with them for it. The sufferer feels badly enough on their own without someone giving them a hard time or a guilt trip. Some of the most insensitive things that someone with an invisible illness can hear are the following. Don’t say these things.

*Oh you’re fine

*But you were able to do (fill in blank)

*Well how come you made it to (fill in blank)

*You just need to sleep more

*You just need to eat better

*You just need to work out

*Think positive

*At least you don’t have (fill in blank)

*But you look great

*But you went on that trip

*Why don’t you work or why don’t you work more

*Just force yourself

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Even though sometimes your friends/family member feel okay and force themselves to do “normal” things. You have NO idea what they are feeling on the inside or weather they had to take massive amounts of medication in order to do these things or if they just showed up, took a couple of pics and left 5 min later crying in pain or in a full blown panic attack, etc. The moral of this story is…..stop assuming that you know what someone else is dealing with and for goodness sake, NEVER assume based on someone’s social media, that you know what their lives are like. You have no idea unless they’ve told you and when they do tell you, believe them. This life isn’t easy and we are all just trying to get by.


Now imagine what ALL invisible illness look like? Think about it.

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