Hi lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by. Tonights post brings with it quite a contrasting dynamic from my usual posts. I am guilty for typically only blogging when stressed or anxious; however, I’m learning that it is equally important to connect with you all when things are good. I suppose that I was apprehensive to blog about the good times because I was afraid that it might negate the whole point of my blog and what I am fighting to support. #endthestigma, but the truth is, WE ALL HAVE GOOD DAYS, weeks and sometimes even months and celebrating the good times, doesn’t make us any less of a warrior or advocate. So for me, right now things are good. I’m doing well. I’m dating, working on my book, recording podcast episodes (still not ready to release) but soon. Traveling to Houston next month to spend some much needed time with my “Bachelor” friend and her babies and then I’m headed back to New York. So, the moral of this (not so exciting) story is….. SHARE THE HAPPY times, the exciting times, the pleasant times and relish in the copacetic, tranquil times. These times should be celebrated. FIGHT ON FELLOW WARRIORS.

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