The Emotional Texter (and how the 80’s were exponentially cooler)

The Emotional Texter

The photo above was the phone that I had in my room as a child. I even had “my own line” by the time I was 8yrs old (my sister went away to college and I inherited the number). This was the amazing 80’s. I sometimes wish that we didn’t have cell phones and could go back to landlines.

Cell phones have become our literal lifelines. We spend hours upon hours on our phones every day. Hell, I am writing this blog from my phone right now. We wake up to an alarm from our phones, we then check our emails, our socials and our schedules from our phones and this is before we even get out of bed! Our phones are never more than a few inches away from us. How many times a day would you say that you grab your phone? I couldn’t even guess if I tried. When I was on The Bachelor, we had to turn in our phones and guess what, I didn’t miss it AT ALL. It felt freeing, liberating.

Let me get to my point. I’m an emotional texter and I totally blame my cell phone (because obviously, an inanimate object is to blame). Why do I consider myself an emotional texter? Because I have definitely sent a text or two (or 100) while feeling emotional, that I later wish that I could take back; but guess what…. no take backs.

Before cell phones, (like when I had that super rad clear Conair phone) if we wanted to say something to someone, we had to call them and hope that they were home. If they weren’t home, we actually had to just sit with what we were feeling until the person called us back. If the person was home, we had a 2 way verbal conversation and things definitely went far more smoothly. When you hear someone’s voice, their tone, their emotion, you don’t become as easily defensive. With texting, we feel bold and brave and often say things that we would never say directly to someone. We send a text and the other person is left to decipher or assume your intent and your tone and this is often misinterpreted and subsequently met with a defensive reply. This begins a not so fun exchange all of which could have been avoided.

I am not perfect and am always looking for ways to improve myself and since I am aware that I am an “emotional texter”, any time an emotional type of situation arises, I will make sure to not text. Instead I will pick up the phone and call (as much as I loathe talking on the phone)🙄. Fortunately, I don’t have many occasions where this will need to be implemented. However, I wish I had done this a long time ago.

The moral of the story is, the 80’s were totally way better before all the technology came out.

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